Commuting TipsLights and reflectors work!

  1. Follow the rules of he road. You’re going to meet the same motorist day after day. Earn their respect, not just for you, but for all bikers.
  2. Find a good route. Get a map and think outside the box. You bike route will probably be quite different from you car route. Check it out in your car if need be, then ride it on a weekend, so you’ll feel confident on your first ride next Monday morning. If you haven’t got a safe route, move.
  3. Start as a fair weather commuter. As you gain experience, upgrade your equipment so you can be an all-weather commuter.
  4. Listen to the weather report, but if the chance of rain is 50% or less, it probably won’t rain.
  5. In normal weather, ride comfortably to work. When you get there, head for the restroom where you can splash some clear water on your face and eyes to freshen up.
  6. When it’s hot, ride slowly to work. When you get there, head for a restroom stall with a packet of moist deodorant hand and face wipes.