Why Should I Commute?

More and more Michiana residents are using their bikes to travel to and from work and run errands. Some ride to save money, others ride to for the many health benefits, and still others ride to do their part to slow global warming. Why should you ride? Hopefully the information on this page will help you answer that question.

Riding Saves Money

0 gallons per mileMost Americans live within 5 miles of their place of employment. Your daily trip to and from work doesn't seem like much, but take at look at our Fuel Cost Calculator and see how much you are spending on that trip. Click here to see your results.

Do you pay for parking? If you do, riding your bike to work will save you even more money. Not to mention you will likely get a great parking spot right next to your building. Consider that for some the cost of parking for one year can be more than the cost of the bike you would ride to work. Need proof, if you work at IU South Bend, the average cost of a parking permit for an employee is $311.45 per year! There are a lot of nice bike for $300 that will last for years to come.

Riding to Work is Healthy

We all know we should exercise. According to the USDA, 30 minutes of moderate exercise (above your normal activity level) will reduce your risk of chronic disease. If you live 5 miles from work and pedaled a leisurely pace of 8 mph it would take you about 37 minutes to get to work. It likely takes you about 15 minutes to drive to work. So why not ride and get healthier?

At 8 mph you'll have 37 minutes to enjoy prepare yourself for the day and the same is true on the way home. You'll reduce your stress level, sleep better, and feel better.

The Environment

Most agree that the use of cars is contributing to global warming and overall pollution. The US is responsible for nearly 50% of the world-wide carbon dioxide produced from cars. It's been suggested that if citizens that live within 5 miles of their workplace would leave their car at home and ride a bike to work just one day a week nearly 5 million tons of global warming pollution would be saved every year (Environmental Defense Fund). That's just 52 times that you would need to ride your bike to work to make a difference.

Cycling is good for the envirnment